The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) held its 64th meeting on 4th April, 2017 and set the NIR target floor at US600 million maintained CBL rate at 7 percent.

1. On the 04th April 2017, the Central Bank of Lesotho's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) held its 64th meeting to determine the monetary policy stance. As it is anorm, the Committee considered international, regional and domestic economic conditions, financial markets conditions, as well as the Net International Reserves (NIR) developments and outlook.

2. Global economic activity experienced a moderate recovery for the quarter ending December 2016. In advanced economies, Japan and the Euro Area registered higher growth. However, performance in the United States (US) economy was slower due to lower government spending and declining exports on the back of a strong dollar. Growth from the Emerging Market Economies (EMEs) was supported by positive economic developments in India and China despite weak performance in South Africa (SA). Monetary policy in advanced and emerging market economies remained generally accommodative to stimulate economic growth during the review period.

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23 June 2022

Loti / US Dollar       16.0052
Loti / Euro 16.8118
Loti / Pound 19.6007
Loti / SDR 21.3406

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