The Central Bank of Lesotho’s (CBL’s) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is committed to the conduct of its monetary policy in line with the maintenance of macroeconomic stability in the country. The committee held its 88th meeting on March 30, 2021. During the meeting, it considered international, regional and domestic economic developments and financial markets’ conditions, with a view to determine the adequacy of monetary targets. Since the 87th MPC meeting of January 21, 2021, many countries around the world have rolled out their COVID-19 vaccination programmes and others have approved further economic recovery and support measures. However, there have been some increases in the global spread
of the virus, including its new variants. As a result, some countries have resuscitated or prolonged containment measures, which slow down economic activity.


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Financial Indicators

11 May 2021

Loti / US Dollar       13.9997
Loti / Euro 17.0362
Loti / Pound 19.8179
Loti / SDR                                            20.1932

Monthly Inflation (%) 2020 to 2021


Net International Reserves