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 Press Release
Joint Media Advisory - New Partnership Between the MOF&DP, CBL, WL and EU to support Financial Sector Development in Lesotho img pdf
Phatlalatso ea liphetoho tse tlang mekhoeng ea phetisetsano ea lichelete lipakeng tsa linaha tsa CMA (Common Monetary Area) img pdf
Update on the upcoming changes in the cross-border payments within the Common Monetary Area (CMA)  img pdf
Press Release on CMA Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) img pdf
CBL Celebrates the Best New Commemorative Banknotes of the Year Award img pdf
Phetahatso ea ho khutlisetsa marang-rang a Banka e kholo ts'ebetsong ka mora ho khinoa ha nakoana img pdf
Restoration of Banking Services Following a Cyber Security Incident img pdf
Public Update: 

Joint Statement by the Bankers Association of Lesotho (BAL) and the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) on the Resumption of Inter-Bank Payments

img pdf
Joint statement by the Bankers Association of Lesotho (BAL) and the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL)  img pdf
Cyber Security Incident at Central Bank of Lesotho img pdf
Tlhaselo ea Marang-rang Bakeng e kholo ea Lesotho img pdf
Revised Mobile Money KYC/CDD requirements and limits with effect from 01st September 2023 img pdf
South Africa's New Rand Banknotes and Coins
img pdf
Money Month Lesotho Campaign 2023 img pdf
Update on the Bleached Banknotes img pdf
Public awareness about the bleached Rand Banknotes in circulation img pdf
Surrender of Mots Insurance (Pty) Ltd Licence img pdf
Surrender of Thari-ea-Ts'epe (Pty) Ltd Licence img pdf
Know your Client ducument submission - Crime Act 2008 (KYC) img pdf
False allegations aganst the Central Bank of Lesotho img pdf
Public Warning - Job Scam Alert img pdf
The introduction of the National Payment Switch img pdf
Enactment of Financial Consumer Protection Act of 2022_Sesotho version img pdf
Enactment of Financial Consumer Protection Act of 2022 img pdf
Appointment of the Governor and the First Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Lesotho img pdf
Chelete ea Mokunyata img pdf
Maloti Counterfeit img pdf
Financial Institutions (Banks) (Pricing) Directives – April 2022 img pdf
End of Term of Office of the Governor and Deputy Governors of the Central Bank of Lesotho and the Appointment of the Acting Governor img pdf
Media Statement: Central Bank of Lesotho 40th Annivesary Celebration img pdf
Media Post: National Central Bank of Lesotho Competition img pdf
Cheques will no longer be used in the national payment system  img pdf
Public warning against accepting blue and green ink stained banknotes img pdf
Public warning on unlicensed companies and individuals soliciting and collecting money from the public img pdf
Soliciting and collecting funds from the public as investments in its products – AEEX South Africa Ltd img pdf
Sale of Shares to the Public by Bohlale Ba Bohloa Ltd img pdf
Increase of Mobile Money Transaction Limits img pdf
Kingdom of Lesotho: Technical Assistance Report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the Implementation of BASEL II img pdf
Ho Runya ha Litsi tsa Lichelete tse sa Ngolisoang ka Molao Nakong ena e Boima ea Seoa sa COVID-19 ka Hare ho Naha ea Lesotho img pdf
Outbreak of Illegal Financial Activities Amid COVID-19 Crisis in Lesotho img pdf
The Banking Sector's Position on the Outbreak of Corona Virus - COVID-19 img pdf
First confirmed case of coronavirus in the Kingdom of Eswatini img pdf
Tlaleho ea pele ea mokuli oa coronavirus Eswatini img pdf
Ho koaloa ha nakoana ha lits'ebeletso Lehakoe img pdf
Temporary closure of Lehakoe Recreation and Cultural Centre img pdf
Statement of position of the Central Bank of Lessotho on payments involving individuals and private entities in Lesotho img pdf
Tlhokomeliso ka Mobile Money ho Sechaba, e etsoang ke Banka e Kholo ea Lesotho le Litsi tse fanang ka Litšebeletso tse joalo e leng ; Vodacom Lesotho, Econet Telecom img pdf
Mobile Money Public Awareness by the Central Bank of Lesotho and Mobile Money Issuers (Vodacom Lesotho, Econet Telecom Lesotho and Lesotho PostBank) img pdf
Tlhokomeliso ka Khoebo e sebetsang ka thoko ho Molao e bitsoang Ease Stock Exchange, 25 July 2019 img pdf
Public Warning on Ease Stock Exchange Illegal Activities, 25 July 2019 img pdf
Statement of Position of the Central Bank of Lesotho on the Payment of Wool and Mohair Farmers, 17 May 2019 img pdf
Tlhokomeliso ho Sechaba, Ho rekoa ha Li-shere, 22 January 2019 img pdf
Public Warning, Buying of shares, 22 January 2019 (ENGLISH) img pdf
Forex Trading on Hlazvill, 15 January 2019 (ENGLISH) img pdf
Forex Trading on Hlazvill, 15 January 2019 (SESOTHO) img pdf
Forex Trading on Hlazvill, 20 December 2018 img pdf
Lesotho Money Month Event 2018 img pdf
New Mandela Commemorative Notes and Coin img pdf
Forex Trading img pdf
Revoked Insurance Companies Licence img pdf
img pdf
Bitcoin img pdf
Money Month Event 2017 img pdf
 Miach Launch img pdf
 Money Week Lesotho img pdf
 Pyramid Schemes img pdf

Financial Indicators

16 July 2024

Loti / US Dollar       18.2415
Loti / Euro 19.8633
Loti / Pound 23.6322
Loti / SDR 24.2119


Monthly Inflation (%) 2023 to 2024

Net International Reserves