On 1st November 2023, the CMA-CPO convened its quarterly meeting in Maseru, Lesotho. The forum was hosted by the Central Bank of Lesotho and attended by the CMA -CPOC country leaders and designated country representatives from the CMA central banks. The meeting was formally opened by the Chairperson of the CMA-CPOC, Ms. Barbara Dreyer, who extended a warm welcome to the participants and wished them fruitful deliberations in their continued journey to provide technical advise on the region’s on-going process to promote the efficient operation of the payment systems.

The Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL), in collaboration with the Bureau of Statistics (BOS), organized a sensitization workshop for entities that provide data and use economic reports for their various planning and decision making processes on 28th August, 2019. This was done as an attempt to create a close collaboration and a rapport with the same institutions in order to improve data compilation and dissemination for macroeconomic management.


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Financial Indicators

21 February 2024

Loti / US Dollar       18.8987
Loti / Euro 20.4323
Loti / Pound 23.8559
Loti / SDR 25.0540


Monthly Inflation (%) 2022 to 2023

Net International Reserves