Dr. A.R. Matlanyane Executive Director and Chairman (Governor)
Dr. M.P. Makhetha Executive Director (First Deputy Governor)
Ms. M.G. Makenete Executive Director (Second Deputy Governor)
Mr. R. Thamae Non-Executive Director
Mrs. K. Thabane Non-Executive Director
Mrs. S. Mohapi Non-Executive Director
Mrs. N. Foulo Non-Executive Director
Mr. M. Letsoela Non-Executive Director


Dr. A.R. Matlanyane Governor (Chairperson)
Dr. M.P. Makhetha First Deputy Governor
Ms. M.G. Makenete Second Deputy Governor
Mr. F. Morokole Director of Operations Department
Mr. M. Mphaka Director of Other Financial Institutions Department
Mr. B. Phakoe Director of Financial Markets Department
Mrs. M. Morojele Director of Human Resources Department
Mr. T. Makula Director of Information & Communication Technology Department
Mr. L. Mohapi Director of Research Department
Mr. N. Rantsane Director of Corporate Affairs Department
Mrs. R. Ralebakeng Director of Finance Department
Mrs. M. Mosaase Director of Enterprise Risk Management Department 
Mrs M. Mohale Director of Internal Audit Department
Mrs. P. Tau Director of Banking Supervision and Financial Stability Department
Mr. M. Sekoati Acting Director - Payment and Settlements Department
Dr. R. Masenyetse Executive Assistant

Internal Audit Department
Ms. M. Nyakane Acting Head - Operational and Financial Audits Division
Vacant Head - IT Audits Division
Security Sevices Division
Mr. B. Matobo Chief Security Officer
 Information and Communications Technology
Mr. B. Kuleile Head - Business Solutions Development Division
Mrs. N. Sephoso Acting Head - Infrastructure and Operations Division
Mr. M. Sehlabaka Head - EA & IT Governance Division
Ms. I. Mathaha Head - Banking Operations Division
Mrs. M. Shale Head - Currency Division
Payment and Settlements Department
Mr. M. Lechesa Head - Development and Operations
Mr. P. Sekants'i Acting Head - Policy, Oversight and Research
 Human Resources Department
Mrs. M. Domela Head - Human Resources Shared Services
Mrs. K. Sehahabane Head - Human Resources Business Partner
Facilities Management Services Division
Mr. T. Malataliana Head - Facilities Management Services Division
 Financial Markets
Mrs. M. Mochebelele Head - Market Risk Division
Mr. N. Marumo Head - Reserves Management & Market Operations
Mrs. M. Setai Head - Treasury Operations
Mr. M. Mphi Head - Domestic Market Operations
 Banking Supervision
Mr. R. Thejane Head - Banking Supervision Department
Mr. N. Seeiso Head - Financial Stability Division
Vacant Head - Financial Consumer Protection Division
Other Financial Institutions Supervision
Mr. T. Penane Acting Head - Pensions and Securities
Mr. B. Noosi Head - Non-Banks Division
Mr. M. Thamae Head - Insurance Supervision Division
Ms. L. Lephoto Head - International Economics Division
Ms. S. Khoabane Head - Principal Economist - Studies and Analysis Division
Mr. M. Fuma Head - Modeling & Forecasting Division
Mr. R. Mabote Head - Statistics Division
Vacant Head - Knowledge Management Unit
Dr. T. Tlelima Head - Studies and Analysis Division
Mr. M. Damane Principal Economist - Studies and Analysis Division
  Corporate Affairs
Mr. T. Ntlhakana  Head - Corporate Governance Division
Mr. T. Ramoseme Head - Legal & Advisory Division
Mr. E. Moremoholo Chief - Corporate Communication
Mr. Q. Ts'oafo Head - Strategy Management
Mr. Shoaepane Letsie Head - Board Secretariat
Mrs. M. Mohlouoa

Acting Head - Accounting Division

Mrs. M. Hlomisi Head - Budget & Procurement
Mrs. M. Seupi Acting Head - Treasury Operations Division
 Enterprise Risk Management 
Ms. I. Letsolo Head - Project Management Office
Mrs. M. Mabote Head - Enterprise Risk Management Division
Mr. T. Mpheteng Head - Business Continuity Management


Financial Indicators

9 April 2021

Loti / US Dollar       14.6063
Loti / Euro 17.3404
Loti / Pound 20.0179
Loti / SDR                                            20.7873

Monthly Inflation (%) 2020 to 2021


Net International Reserves