Division Heads

Internal Audit Department
Mr. L. Ratia Acting Head - Operational and Financial Audits Division
Vacant Head - IT Audits Division
Security Sevices Division
Mr. B. Matobo Chief Security Officer
 Information and Communications Technology
Mr. M. Sekoati Head - Business Solutions Development Division
Mr. T. Makula Head - Infrastructure and Operations Division
Mr. M. Sehlabaka Acting Head - EA & IT Governance Division
Ms. I. Mathaha Head - Banking Operations Division
Mr. M. Lechesa Head - National Payments System Division
Mrs. M. Shale Head - Currency Division
Mrs. M. Mokebe Acting Head - Human Resources Division
Facilities Management Services Division
Mr. T. Malataliana Head - Facilities Management Services Division
 Financial Markets
Mrs. M. Mochebelele Head - Market Risk Division
Mr. N. Marumo Head - Reserves Management & Market Operations
Mrs. P. Tau  Head - Banking Supervision Division
Vacant Head - Deposit Protection Division
Mr. B. Noosi Head - Non-Banks Division
Mr. M. Thamae Head - Insurance Supervision Division
Mr. S. Nkhahle Acting Head - Financial Stability Unit
Ms. L. Lephoto Head - International Economics Division
Ms. S. Khoabane Acting Head - Studies & Analysis Division
Mr. M. Fuma  Head - Modeling & Forecasting Division
Mr. R. Mabote Head - Statistics Division
Vacant Head - Knowledge Management Unit
  Corporate Affairs
Mr. T. Ntlhakana  Head - Corporate Governance Division
Mr. T. Ramoseme Head - Legal & Advisory Division
Mr. E. Moremoholo Chief - Corporate Communication
Mr. Q. Ts'oafo Head - Strategy Management
Mr. Shoaepane Letsie Head - Board Secretariat
Mrs. Rebecca Ralebakeng

Head - Accounting Division

Mrs. M. Hlomisi Acting Head - Budget & Procurement
Mr. L. Khaka Head - Treasury Operations Division
 Enterprise Risk Management 
Ms. I. Letsolo Head - Project Management Office
Mrs. M. Mabote  Head - Enterprise Risk Management Division
Mr. T. Mpheteng Head - Risk Management Division
Mrs. M. Mabote Acting Head - Business Continuity Management Division


Financial Indicators

16 September 2019

Loti / US Dollar 14.6759
Loti / Euro 16.1809
Loti / Pound 18.2664
Loti / SDR 20.1525

 Monthly Inflation (%) 2018 to 2019

  Net International Reserves