Department of Human Resources (HR)

1. Mandate
The mandate of the Department of Human Resources is to attract and retain top talent through the adoption and subsequent implementation of forward thinking HR solutions.

2. Objectives
The objectives of the Department include the following:

  • To provide strategic advice to the Bank on all HR related issues;
  • To attract and retain top talent for the Bank that enables delivery of its mandate;
  • To ensure that members of staff are motivated;
  • To ensure maximum utilisation of talent;
  • To create high performing teams;
  • To engender trust in HR;
  • To build harmonious relationships between management and staff; and
  • To collaborate with management and line departments to ensure proper HR management.

3. Divisions
The Department consists of four (4) Divisions namely; Business Partners, Centre of Expertise, HR Shared Services and Facilities Management.

a) Business Partners Division
The functions of the Business Partners Division include the following:

  • To act as the front office of HR thus providing immediate service on all HR functions to business units; and
  • To consult CoE for advice or solutions and relies on HRSS for processing of line/departmental applications.

a) Centre of Expertise (CoE) Division
The functions of the Centre of Expertise Division include the following:

  • To develop tools, frameworks, policies, processes and procedures; and
  • To sell and work-shop all HRD tools to management and staff.

b) HR Shared Services (HRSS) Division
The functions of the HR Shared Services Division include the following:

  • To provide the administrative HR support including processing of all applications for loans, staff leave/s, medical aid and managing all HR records (soft & hard); and
  • To provide relevant services as the super-user of the operational HRIS, including support to HR practitioners, training all other users and acting as interface between CBL and the service provider.

c) Facilities Management Division
The Facilities Management Division is charged with the responsibility of providing support services to operational departments of the Bank.
The functions of the Division include the following:

  • To identify, assess, control and manage safety, health and environmental risks through dynamic, formal, structured and holistic processes to facilitate effective risk reduction plans and actions throughout the Bank to either eliminate or minimise incidents in the work place;
  • To manage and maintain bank-wide facilities, including all immovable and movable assets being, buildings, equipment and furniture, vehicles and all other contents thereof;
  • To transport all passengers on official duties of the Bank and assist with repatriation exercises of the Bank;
  • To ensure good housekeeping and provision of refreshments to all staff, meetings and visitors;
  • To maintain all Bank premises by ensuring the landscape to ensure welcoming ambience at all times;
  • To provide central depository of all the hard copy records of the Bank, to provide messenger services for internal and external deliveries of mail, and to manage, safely keep, and retrieve all records of the Bank;
  • To consolidate capital budget requirements of the Bank and manage the implementation thereof; and
  • To ensure that policies and procedures that guide the above mandates are in place and up to date to ensure smooth operation.

Financial Indicators

9 April 2021

Loti / US Dollar       14.6063
Loti / Euro 17.3404
Loti / Pound 20.0179
Loti / SDR                                            20.7873

Monthly Inflation (%) 2020 to 2021


Net International Reserves