Department of Human Resources (HR)

1. Mandate

The mandate of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) is to attract and retain top talent through the adoption and subsequent implementation of human resources solutions. The Department is charged with the responsibility of providing technical and administrative support to the Bank on all matters relating to the management of human resources. This is achieved through seven of the Bank’s twelve Corporate Strategic Objectives.

2. Objectives
The objectives of the Department include the following:

  • To provide strategic advice to the Bank on all HR related issues;
  • To attract and retain top talent for the Bank that enables delivery of its mandate;
  • To ensure that members of staff are motivated;
  • To ensure maximum utilisation of talent;
  • To create high performing teams;
  • To engender trust in HR;
  • To build harmonious relationships between management and staff; and
  • To collaborate with management and line departments to ensure proper HR management.

3. Divisions
The Human Resources Department consists of two Divisions and one Section; the Business Partner Division, the Shared Services Division and the Centre of Expertise Section.

a) Business Partner Division

The Business Partner Division is the primary interface with the departments, and as such continues to provide immediate service and advice to Management and staff on all human resources functions.

b) Shared Services Division

The Shared Services Division is a back-office and or the last layer of communication for Human Resources information processes. The Business Partner and Centre of Expertise typically provide information that should be processed and kept by the Shared Services. To achieve the HR administration/transactional objective, shared services division is responsible to provide technological infrastructure to ensure optimisation of HR processes to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness in HR service delivery.

c) Centre of Expertise (CoE)

CoE is a section within the department that reports directly to the Head of Department, it is a middle office which develops tools, frameworks, policies, guidelines, processes and procedures. In addition, CoE is responsible for specialised areas such as Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Employee Wellness, Performance Management and Organisational Development.

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